2018 started off fast with new job reqs and hiring. But then it slowed down Q2 and Q3. BUT NOW there are new jobs coming in and the bosses are URGENT to fill them! Not just EMS either, pcb resins, wire and cable assembly, power cords and more. It could just be me however. I have been focused on my son's recovery since his motorcycle wreck November 14. Though the doctors expected him to die (million to one odds as one agreed on day 6 of the coma) he is now recovering well brain and body. Much to the Neurologists surprise. Day 6 she expected death or vegetative state at best. He woke up day 9, spoke day 10 and by day 14 he was talking about his past trip to Europe. The Neurologist's jaw dropped open when he read the name of the hospital on the wall, then proceeded to give her a correct definition of an axon! I said, "So doctor is this a..." to which she promptly stated "This is a miracle!" See StepBeyond jobs here http://bit.ly/ViewAllJobs

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John Myers

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