2020 is off to a great start. 
Actually this may be the best start for Executive Search in my 30 years! 
Companies are back in the mood to hire BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. 

Back in 2012 about the only jobs EMS clients wanted filled were Business Development. In the following years jobs began opening for SMT Engineers, Purchasing, Program Managers and other operational roles. In the last few years more jobs were at the senior levels, VP Operations, CEO, COO, VP Supply Chain and such. 

2019 into 2020 Business Development is back in the mix, along with every other job. 
Many of these BD jobs are with NEW players in the USA market coming from China, Vietnam, as well as Europe. 
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* We are holding our breath (pun intended) to see the effects that 2019nCoV, the coronavirus, has on global supply chain and economies. 
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John Myers

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